Create Your Wikispaces Account

After clicking "Join this Space" in the Actions menu to the left, you will be asked to either sign in or create an account.

If you already have a Wikispaces account, please click "Sign In."

If you create an account, keep a few things in mind:

1. Your username is something that other people will see.
2. Over the next few years web 2.0 tools will continue to become commonplace and you will often make accounts when you utilize them. Using the same username and password for all of them is not a bad idea because it makes it easy to keep track of them this way.
“Username” – create a username of your choice. Avoid being told that user name already exists by picking a very unique name, or adding numbers to a more popular name that might already be taken.

“Password” – must be at least 6 digits long. Numbers and letters are OK. Use something you will remember, but the more random you can make your password, the safer it will be.

“E-mail” – we recommend using your NP email address

“Make a Space” – for now, please click “no.” We have set up a space for each of you to play around with today in this NPHS wiki. If you decide you would like to make a space later, you will have the option when you next log in and it is very easy to find. For now…

Click “Join.”